Current Projects

These are the projects I currently have in the pipeline:

Fate Horror Toolkit

This is a very exciting project for me because I’m not just writing for this, I’m the creative director. Should be out sometime in 2018!

Status: Edits, Playtesting, and Polishing

Interface Zero: Threats of 2090 (Fate Core Edition)

Status: Written. Awaiting editing, layout, & publication.

Narosia (Fate Core Edition)

I’ve been commissioned to help write the Fate edition of Narosia. This is an epic fantasy roleplaying game in which the Gods take an active hand in the lives of their people and powerful magic is available…for a price.

Social Justice Time Warriors (Fate Core)

I haven’t mentioned this one to many people yet, but at some point in the not-too distant future I’m planning to write and produce this independent game. The elevator pitch is ‘Quantum Leap meets Chrononauts’. The players are socially conscious time travellers who are working to further the cause of justice and equality to help maintain their timeline against opposition from ideologically opposed time travellers and the Displaced, time travellers who have been divorced from their own universe due to people mucking around with time and who are desperately trying to restore their own timeline.