Current Projects

These are the projects I currently have in the pipeline:

Uprising, The Dystopian Universe RPG

I’m working on three stretch goals for this new book based on the same world as The Resistance, Coup, and One Night Revolution:

The Paris Nouveau Corporate Catalog 

Riffing a bit on the corporate catalog section of the main book, this downloadable supplement serves a few different purposes. First, it introduces more corporations to act as antagonists, foils, or uneasy allies for the PCs. Second, it includes equipment produced by each corporation, providing lists of ready-made gear for the PCs to buy. Third, some corporations include implants and contacts, expanding those lists, as well.

The Second Fall, and Other Stories 

Many of the missions in the core book are stand-alone, but some of them connect together into a loose story arc. The goal of this downloadable supplement is to provide additional story arcs, each comprised of six connected missions. These can be chained together, or run as a campaign and supplemented by the more stand-alone missions in the core book.

Invisible Hands: The Black Market 

A look at the underbelly of Paris Nouveau—with echoes of the Grifters of the Dystopian Universe. It will include new underworld contacts and plenty of illegal tech to fuel your campaigns.

Status: In Editing

Interface Zero: Threats of 2090 (Fate Core Edition)

Status: Written. Awaiting editing, layout, & publication.

What Once Went Wrong (Fate Core)

I haven’t mentioned this one to many people yet, but at some point in the not-too distant future I’m planning to write and produce this independent game. The elevator pitch is ‘Quantum Leap meets Chrononauts’. The players are socially conscious time travellers who are working to further the cause of justice and equality to help maintain their timeline against opposition from ideologically opposed time travellers and the Displaced, time travellers who have been divorced from their own universe due to people mucking around with time and who are desperately trying to restore their own timeline.